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This is…

『Hack Bomb BOMA-YE』 is a hacking and bomb baddling game for up to four players! Hack the game from the terminal and become the strongest player!


This game is not your typical bomb-busting game.
This game is not about beating your opponents with bombs, but about hacking your own and other players’ stats in the terminal.


In other words…

you can control your speed, number of bombs, and other stats at will to confuse your opponent. There are a total of three commands and six statuses that can be executed in the terminal.

You can’t rise to the top with just the skill of killing your opponent with bombs.Like a super hacker, the key to victory is to hack the game with the terminal.Now, put your killing intent into bombs and fight by making everything crazy on command!

Random matches and private matches are available.


How To Play?